Our Application
Process Overview


Application Phase

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1/1 Complete student application form

1/2 Application Fee Payment (non-refundable)

1/3 Submissions to Admissions Secretary

1/4 School Tour (Thursdays)


Evaluation Phase

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2/1 Student 3 Day Classroom visit

2/2 Entrance Test

2/3 Parent Interview with Principal


Admission Phase

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3/1 Confirmation of Enrolment

3/2 Meeting with Admissions Secretary

3/3 Deposit Fee (non-refundable)

3/4 Meeting with Class Teacher

*Note: School Prospectus and Application forms are available from the school office.

Successful applicants are solely at the Principal's discretion.

Our Application Process

It is compulsory for parents / families to do a school tour before completing the application process.

To make an appointment, please either complete this form or call our Admissions Secretary:

Jackie Spanò on (021) 790-4449

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