Our school offers small student-teacher ratios (no more than 16 per class), extending from pre-school right through to Grade 12. An independent, private school, we are registered with the Western Cape Education Department and the Independent Examination Board (IEB), whilst being affiliated to Ambleside Schools International.


Age-old thinking in an ever-changing world

Drawing on Charlotte Mason’s collected works, Ambleside International’s (ASI) curricula seeks to make schools a place to develop care for others, a love for learning and habits that will serve children for the rest of their lives.


Through the internationally proven technique of narration (reading the text and ‘telling back’) excellent concentration and recall are developed. Our rich, varied and challenging curriculum is based on the philosophy that education is:

  • an atmosphere (we learn best in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive environment that stimulates our thought life),
  • a discipline (habits of mind or body are formed definitely and thoughtfully),
  • a life (an education for life needs to provide intellectual, moral & physical sustenance).


This kind of living education empowers students to author lives that are full and free - rich in relationship to God, self, others, ideas, work and creation. It provides the tools needed to live well in all aspects of life - personal and professional, present and future.


As children mature, the curricula they encounter broadens and deepens. It moves beyond fundamental skills to advanced work that prepares them to cultivate a rich intellectual life, regardless of their post-secondary paths.


Comprised of skill-based (disciplinary) and content-based (inspirational) instruction, curricula consist primarily of living books and narratives. Some are classics that stand the test of time; others feature beautiful language, universal themes, rich characters, or intricate plots. Still others offer disciplinary information in an inspirational, accessible format.


Whenever possible, ASI selects books that are in print and readily available, to accommodate the broadest possible audience.


The Ambleside curricula provides: 

  • A wide and varied course of study.
  • Exposure to knowledge that is vital, fruitful, interesting and idea-rich.
  • Books characterized as representing “the best thought of the best writers.”
  • Materials that aid in understanding and exploring, without diluting, the discipline.
  • Grade level sequences for disciplinary subjects, among them mathematics, grammar, composition, phonics, language, art, geography, handwork, physical education and recitation.
  • Grade level sequences for inspirational subjects, among them literature, nature study, poetry, history and science. 
  • Science observations and experiments correlated with science texts.
  • Handwork projects and picture study reproductions.
  • Abbreviated versions of Shakespeare’s plays in primary school, and original texts in high school.