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How do you walk a thousand miles? One step at a time. We believe changing our country, and making a real difference, are similarly daunting and yet equally simple – it starts with one child at a time.


One child at a time is our subsidy programme – aimed at offering disadvantaged children the gift of a lifetime – a living education at Ambleside.


Unlike most school Bursary Programmes, our qualification criteria for subsidies are based on need and attitude, rather than on an outstanding ability or talent. In this way, we believe that we are truly empowering our community, as opposed to compounding disadvantage, by awarding bursaries only to the very gifted.


Currently, there are 24 learners between the ages of 5yrs and 18yrs in need of financial aid in order to complete their school tuition. 


Would you consider joining us in changing our world – one child at a time?


You may want to give a lump sum, or donate on a monthly basis. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated in assisting us to make a real difference.


The banking details for donations are as follows:

First National Bank
Account Name:
one child at a time Trust
Branch code:
Account number:

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